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Article introduction

Seafood is a thing that makes a person very easily allergic, it is the person of allergic constitution so, ought to avoid to eat seafood as far as possible, lest seafood is right,him body causes hypersensitive condition. And tattooist person should notice a few notes after tattooing the skin, among them a person that tattooes the skin namely cannot have seafood quite, because fear,seafood is met to tattooing the skin area causes what symptom. Can be the word that the person that tattoo the skin did not take care to eat seafood, how should do?

Grain back ate seafood how to do

Tattoo the skin can eat seafood

Had better not, because be afraid of a constitution,sensitive person is opposite seafood respond, those who cause allergic and so on is unwell, and the influence arrives tattoo the skinLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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You are not sensitive constitution, still also wait it is better to eat again after it is thoroughly good to tattoo the skin, evening eats a few days to also won’t have what loss.

Tattoo the skin additionally before restoring, do not drink as far as possible, do not eat the food of acrimony stimulation, because these metropolises are caused,tattoo the skin place is aglow, scratchy, cause undesirable consequence easily to tattooing the skin.

Place tattooes the skin in resuming a course can urticant, desquamate, it is normal phenomenon, must not catch dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed with the hand, can affect tattooist color otherwise. If the skin restores well, left and right sides of average a week is met heal, should protect recognizant position conciously later (if tattoo the skin,the skin of place gets hurt, can affect color, serious when need complementary color) .

Patient bit, wait so much apprehension is done not have after tattooing the skin, want to eat what to eat what, how good ~

Grain back ate seafood how to do

The note after tattooing the skin

1, tattoo the skin ointment of the Tu Hao after finishing, had wrapped last velar;

(Ointment conduces to you restoring quickly, scabby lighter, last film prevents infection)

2, acuteness movement does not want after tattooing the skin, also do not drink, maintain; of good work and rest

3, comply with tattoo the skin the word of division, clean seriously in appropriate time, must wash; frequently

(Ensure effluent tissue fluid is washed clean, tissue fluid can take away a large number of tattooist painty, affect the result)

4, on time mensurable daub rehabilitate creams;

5, notice the individual is wholesome, bathe with shower, do not want sweat evaporate more do not want bubble soup to swim, prevent to affect;

6, should tattoo the skin scabby when, it is the last pace of the Cheng Die that defeat chrysalis, must not hand cheap, must not buckle, make it natural drop;

Do laser to wash tattoo the skin fit what person1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Do laser to wash grain talent skill to suit to have the person of following features.

1, the person of rehabilitate of lip of tattoo, article, Wen Mei and need of failure of article look line.

2, the person that has hairdressing desire.

Although the patient of great majority does this operation to do not have a problem, but still have exceptional case, so the patient must make a detailed inspection to the hospital, ability treats plan finally certainlyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Grain back ate seafood how to do

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It is easy that clavicle tattooes the skin purify

Now anyplace it is very easy to tattoo the skin purify, also do not have what side-effect, restore to rise exceedingly fast also, everybody tattooes the skin with what be at ease, go pursueing the thing of all happiness that oneself think.

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