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The appearance of taro, fresh degree wait for many sided to consult. This kind of material contains taro rich nutrition, contain starch among them more, the amylaceous grain that the amylaceous grain that taro contains contains than potato wants small, absorb more easily, taro can be become already dish, also can become meal. We introduce a few kinds of methods to let everybody understand piscine head how to choose below.

 How does taro choose

1, treat an external form: Choose strong, size moderate, bodily form is well-balanced, fibrous root is less, wet mud of adhere a few, the flesh after incision is qualitative fine white, such taro is relatively fresh, do not buy have the; with sere and sclerotic stain

2, specific gravity quantity: The weight in akin taro is lighter mostly continous of fleshy qualitative pink, buy aptly, and heavier it is likely ” unboiled water ” taro, had better not go buying.

3, fresh degree: Fresh taro, often taking the breath of clay, and hold rise harder, hair is soft make clear not quite fresh.

 How does taro choose

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4, the weigh in hand that use a hand: Two taro like size, the weigh in hand that use a hand one weigh in hand, deal is smaller, show amylaceous content is high, moisture is little, such taro tastes mouthfeel leaven dough, if weight is heavy, mouthfeel can be differred a few.

5, see trachoma: If near the root ministry of taro, those who have land of a lot of belts is sunken the trachoma that go down or small hole, with respect to the proof taro tastes enough; of face enough pink if the surface looksForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Won’t good.

6, ministry seeing a root: With Dao Zaiyu the root ministry of the head gashs small mouth, if was poured out of stickier stiff white liquid, and very can wash-and-wear knot appears farinaceous, make clear for top grade taro.

 How does taro choose

7, sth resembling a net seeing grain: The taro of average large size, the businessman can be cut sell partly, be about to see its cross section at this moment, the grain of amaranth has been jumped over more closely, explain taro is taking powdery side, the grain sth resembling a net of section is more few and far between, blank place is more, show taro1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Not delicious.

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