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Locust can use edible already, and still have officinal value, very rich protein is contained in locust, often eating is OK compensatory human body lacks the nutrient substance that break, eat locust to still can prevent veryShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Much disease, resemble asthma, guttural gall, bronchitic wait for a disease, the effect is very pretty good, if want to invite oneself body,become strong nevertheless, it is OK at ordinary times exercise appropriately, such ability enhance the strength of the body.

 Locust can eat have what profit

What profit does edible locust have to health?

1, high protein

Locust is a kind of insect, a kind of any animals are comprised by protein, the protein content of locust is very rich, accordingly, after cooking comes out exceedingly delicate.

2, low adipose

Now people most be afraid of adipose those who absorb is overmuch, now peopleSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Of pursuit is healthy figure, do not want to eat too much contain adipose very fast food, and locust is a kind low adipose food, in the body besides carbolic water1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Compound is protein, it is the food of a kind of low fat.

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 Locust can eat have what profit

3, low quantity of heat

Because the adipose content inside locust body is low, carbohydrate is not much also, so, this is food of a kind of low caloric, but because protein content is high, accordingly, have high-energy amount again, it is the food of high energy of a kind of low quantity of heat, special accord with the people requirement to cate nutrition.

4, contain rich lecithin

Rich lecithin is contained inside mother locust body especially. And lecithin is very helpful to the health of human body, lecithin not only can the better blood vessel that protects us, return the memory that can enhance a person, the health of stimulative cerebra.

5, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks locust is OK be good at lienal disappear is fed, relieve a cough smooth asthma

Locust makes very valuable Chinese traditional medicine on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s pharmacopoeia, this kind of insect has be good at the effect that lienal disappear feeds, if taste relatively the person of empty is OK edible locust will recuperate taste, often cough and accompany the person edible locust that has asthma to have relieve a cough the effect of smooth asthma. In addition, locust still can connect main and collateral channels, correct the symptom such as tic. Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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In Chinese traditional medicine, it also is one treasure.

 Locust can eat have what profit

6, contain mineral with the vitamin

Still contain inside locust body a variety of vitamins and all sorts of mineral, these composition are helpful to the person’s health. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Locust is the food of a kind of high protein, also be a kind of food that causes allergy easily, if, it is irritability constitution, had better not choose this kind of food, after edible passes incidental serious allergic phenomenon.

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