[pineapple and hawkthorn can eat together] _ of the fruit in _ hill eats – together

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Pineapple and hawkthorn are commonner fruit, they eat together is to do not haveForum of Shanghai night net

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Of the problem, also won’t produce food photograph gram, want to understand contraindication of a few food when eating pineapple at ordinary times, if edible is undeserved,may bring about allergy because of pineapple, say not to eat as far as possible for allergic to the constitution person so, there still is a kind of egg white inside pineapple additionally enzymatic, cause undesirable stimulation easily to skin mucous membrane, say to had better use brine to immerse before eat so.

Can pineapple and hawkthorn eat together

What person cannot eat pineapple?

Allergic constitution person had better not eat pineapple, because of them after edible pineapple mayFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Produce allergic reaction. The patient of cerebral operation convalescence also does not suit edible, because once produce allergy, will endanger life.

A kind of special pineapple protein is contained inside pineapple enzymatic, normal person absorbs this kind of albumen enzymatic do not have hinder greatly, won’t cause allergic reaction commonly. And the person of certain and allergic constitution is opposite very likely pineapple albumen is enzymatic sensitive, can arouse airframe to produce fast hairstyle allergy to react, it is mostly in edible BoShanghai night net

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Trailing plants hind comes 10 minutes 1 hour inside happen.

Can pineapple and hawkthorn eat together

Its symptom is the skin and conjunctiva hyperaemia tide red, Sao is abdominal and urticant, aching unwell, disgusting, vomiting, subsequently1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Difficulty of meeting occurrence palpitate, breath, blood pressure drops not to measure blood pressure, pulse to touch less than waiting for even shock symptom, if the patient of cerebral operation convalescence produces this kind of allergy, will crisis life.

Although pineapple is inviting, but the person that has eczema and scabies cannot eat pineapple. The customer that has ulcer of mucous membrane of periodontosis, gastric ulcer, oral cavity wants careful eat pineapple, because pineapple is acidity fruit, stimulate gum, mucous membrane, stomach trouble patient still returns acerbity phenomenon inside meeting occurrence stomach, eat to still can happen more1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Allergic reaction.

The person that has low blood pressure, splanchnic prolapse should eat pineapple less as far as possible, lest accentuate,the female friend that illness; is afraid of cold, put oneself in another’s position is weak takes pineapple to had better be controlled in half less than, too thin or want to add fat person unfavorable also eat more.

Before eating pineapple, should immerse with weak brine

Even if normal person is before edible pineapple, also should immerse 1 hour with weak brine above eats again, because brine can destroy pineapple1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Albumen is enzymatic, reduce the happening of allergic reaction greatly.

Can pineapple and hawkthorn eat together

Cut pineapple flay into first when eating pineapple actually piece, put in weak brine to immerse 30 minutes next, dip of reoccupy cool boiled water is washed, it is OK to go after saline taste edible. Immerse pineapple with brine, also can avoid the happening of pineapple disease.

Handle so, eat a few pineapple appropriately, eat namely probably 9 appearance, still can have the effect of compensatory protein. Of course, also do not advocate those who eat is overmuch, because contain 5 hydroxide lubricious amine, have the effect of contractive blood-vessel, elevatory blood pressure.

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