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Although say the time that yam sets grew to still can eat, but if the both ends of cut appeared to become moldy reality does not want again edible, because such yam had produced simple change, contain among themFall in love with the sea

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Insalubrious material, the undesirable symptom such as toxic, diarrhoea may be caused after edible.

Is yam cut mildewy can you still eat?

One, is yam cut mildewy can you still eat?

Yam both ends becomes moldy the likelihood is yam set time too long, not fresh metamorphism grows mildew. Or it is problem of yam itself existence, property happening changed. Yam is fresh eat ability to have bigger nutrition, mildewy yam, the possibility produces harmful material, ate to be able to cause harm to human body, because this suggests,do not eat. If feel yam is two hairs mildew only, still be eatable word, remember to leave take out of mildewy both ends intermediate part ability eats. Yam both ends is mildewy, if want edible, the part that must excise metamorphism namely the both ends with mildewy yam, even the one part that cut away approachs sodden place is good. The infection that mould suffers partly among observation yam next turns viridescence into color, if still be normal color, that is OK of edible. Before noticing edible first bubble is in water 30-60 minute, make leftover toxin dissolve is in water, thoroughly cook next, vinegar is added in boiled process, make turn into avirulent.

Is yam cut mildewy can you still eat?

2, the contraindication that eats yam

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1, avoid and carp feed medical avoid and carp to eat together together. Feed together can cause the symptom such as bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting.

2, avoid and Gan Sui cannot feed yam with Gan Sui together together. Yam filling kidney be good at lienal embellish lung, high of the root of gansui issues relieve oedema or abdominal distension through diuresis or purgation, can exciting bowel is in charge of, increase alvine peristalsis, produce the effect below have diarrhoea, this is both action is polarityForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, cannot take together.

3, avoid and pork liver feed C of yam rich vitamin together, pork liverShanghai night net

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The metallic microelement such as copper, iron, zinc is contained in, vitamin C encounters metallic ion, oxidize quickly and destroy, reduced nutrient value, after reason feeds pork liver, unfavorable feed yam.

Is yam cut mildewy can you still eat?

4, avoid and melon kind vitamin C all is contained to decompose in feeding cucumber, pumpkin, carrot, winter squash together enzymatic, if yam is fed together, dimensionA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Crude element C is decomposed to destroy.

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Avoid and choice seafood feed general choice seafood together (include piscine shrimp alga) except contain calcic, iron, phosphor, iodine to wait mineral outside, contain rich protein, and the fruit such as hawkthorn, pomegranate, contain tannic acid, if mix edible to be able to change albumen of synthetic tannic acid, this kind of material has convergent effect, can form constipation, increase the absorption of the poison inside bowel, cause the symptom such as bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting.

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