Chinese male ping advocate contest of ping of world of the battle at the beginning of handsome Qin Zhijian: Have self-confidence to Chinese team

Much husband of Du Sai Er of China News Service on May 30 report (reporter Wang Xi) hold the post of newly with Chinese male ping first advocate handsome identity gives battle to be in Germany the world ping contest that Dusaierduofu holds, qin Zhijian says frankly oneself feeling ” already excited nervous ” .

29 days afternoon, qin Zhijian guides Ma Long, Lin Gaoyuan to undertake training, during besides undertake necessary instructor, he does not have more utterance almost.

Come in 3 days of time of Dusaierduofu, qin Zhijian is the most satisfactory is current 爱上海同城

whole team taxi enrages those who achieved him to anticipate. Especially two big ” ace ” the worry that Zhang Jike and Ma Long cast off i上海贵族宝贝论坛

njury basically, make him male to China ping this second world ping surpasses go on an expedition to have self-confidence more, “I feel their psychosis and body condition can clearly, they can attend this world ping to surpass healthily. They can attend this world ping to surpass healthily..

After be being surpassed 上海贵族宝贝论坛

without Xi Yajin, the Chinese line that just experienced coach group to adjust is absent groove, the brunt such as Ma Long, Xu Xin loses in succession, it is to let just had received male line more advocate the Qin Zhijian of handsome ferula is bearing not little pressure. After the adjustment that passes a many month, chinese team is returning the right path afresh. “Between director coach and top player adjusting is to pass everyday dribs and drabs goes accumulating, and match result can promote athlete and trainer better the trustful feeling between each other, will see this raised a team had had very great progress at present. Will see this raised a team上海千花社区

had had very great progress at present..

Qin Zhijian tells a reporter, after Cong Yajin is surpassed all around close training, to go to Luxembourg to get used to match 上海贵族宝贝

environment a新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

head of schedule, go to those who arrive at Dusaierduofu 3 days again, he makes the best of time to organize each director coaches to communicate match idea with the athlete separately all the time, “Especially after 28 days of ballot come out, the adversary that can see oneself each rounds probably, at least one is looked into. The goal of each person is different, the rhythm of the match is different, the pressure of everybody is different also. The pressure of everybody is different also..

To the foreground of Chinese team, qin Zhijian of 41 years old states out is believed, look in him, “Think further, the adjustment that still should rely on oneself and what reveal on field oneself. The adjustment that still should rely on oneself and what reveal on field oneself..

Calm of Jian of annals of the Qin Dynasty bear, “I feel now already excited nervous, but more it is excited, and the pressure that has adjusted whole team what I need to do most namely and rhythm. And the pressure that has adjusted whole team what I need to do most namely and rhythm..

Of Qin Zhijian ” predecessor ” , currently hold the post ofa country the Liu Guoliang of ping total coach to this succession person be full of expect: “His executive force is very powerful, I need a few thoughts and his directive only, it is good that he can do fastidiously from A to Z patiently. ” (be over)

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