Little numerous an excellent work ” person seeing fire ” pretty good put on sale sold sales volume partly in January piece 500 thousand

Appear on the market a month is superabundant ” person seeing fire ” obtained perfectly evaluation, so this relatively small numerous game sales volume after all how? According to up to date information, the work that this IGN grading is as high as 9.3 also is done on the sale perfectly, already successful work off more than 500 thousand.

Although such sales volume mixes first weeks to sell the super your work that gives millions of shares photograph comparing without method at all, but corresponding ” person seeing fire ” also want on investment a lot of lower, issue business Panic Inc so. Be in successfully game put on sale was answered inside a day this, the sales volume of 500 thousand has made them big earn brushstroke without doubt.

Besides, panic Inc. Still announced ” person seeing fire ” in take a picture the use circumstance of mode. According to introducing, players had uploaded to exceed the game cut below mode of 210 thousand Zhang Zhao photograph to pursue, can saying is a record ” person seeing fire ” the beautiful scenery in each medium hill. Must say, idle will be in without the thing ” person seeing fire ” in ramble taking a picture also is a very cozy job.

Be in ” person seeing fire ” in, the player will act henry. He resigned the job in the past, left oneself marriage, in Huaieming the city holds the position of the relevant work that fire control defends nowadays. Dan Youji’s strange thing happens, let henry begin to explore the wild area around, and make the individual’s choice, and the radio on the hand can let he and boss communicate, this also is the means that he contacts exclusively external. Player general exploration is sealed wild, face all sorts of problems and make a choice.

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