” death is hard and fast ” affirm have online pattern: Will bring revolutionary game experience

Although suffer fully,expect, but of beautiful husband of isle of legend game producer make newly ” death is hard and fast ” all the time secret and not announce, although many person of the same trades had seen game demonstrate, but still be full of mystery to the public, need not raise the online pattern in fokelore more. Recently, isle beautiful husband came Newyork city, with famous sci-fi and F of horror fiction home. Paul Wilson has favour meeting. And the government in him pushs Wilson to went up to also mention this meeting especially and bask in gave group photo, state 2 people talked coming ” death is hard and fast ” . And interesting is, this science fiction writer is this shaped look ” a kind of revolutionary online experience ” . Although what do not have to cut content truly, but at least this affirmed to online game mode will exist in game, at the same time will now the online collaboration with hep place mixes everybody antagonism pattern is different. The Norman Lidesi according to leading role is being acted in game (Norman Reedus) express, this game may be released finally in next year the beginning of the year land PS4, but this one opinion on public affairs did not get the government is responded to.

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